India: Imam Accused Of Sexually Abusing Children in Madrasa, Gets Away With Only 10 Times Hit With A Shoe By Kangaroo Court


In a village in Muradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, an Imam accused of misbehavior with a child was given punishment of shoe-beating. The decision to hit the imam 10 times with a shoe was announced by the village Panchayat.

A Panchayat is a self-governing organization in villages and small towns of India. Panchayat is an integral part of the ancient Panchayati Raj system, a system of local self-government prevalent in India and some other parts of Southern Asia, in which wise and elderly members of the society are chosen as head of the local community.

In the Bhojpur police station area of Moradabad, Imam Nazim, who taught children in a Madrasa, fed a child with intoxicating milk and then abused him. Madrasa is an Islamic school where children learn about religion and an Imam is the preacher in that school. Ironically, this Imam, instead of being a preacher, turned out to be a child abuser.

When the child’s father learnt about the incident, he complained about the misdeeds of Imam Naizm to the village Panchayat on Sunday. After the case was heard by Panchayat, the Imam was shoe beaten 10 times by the boy’s father. And all of this happened as per the order by the Panchayat.

Imam Nazim then accepted his misconduct and also apologized for the same.

Then the villagers, accompanied by former head of the Panchayat, reached the nearby police station with the documents of Panchayat’s order. However, when the police came to know about the episode, it invalidated the decision of village Panchayat and arrested the Imam for his crime.

Investigation into the matter is being carried out by the police and due action will be taken if the charges are found to be correct.

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