Afghanistan: ISIS Destroys 12 Schools for 3000 Afghan Students


Afghanistan: Kabul (BNA) Islamic State for Syria and Iraq (ISIS) terrorist group has burned 12 schools in northern Jawzjan province.

According to reports, with torching the schools over 3000 students (girls and boys) are deprived from knowledge in Darzab district of the province.

Abdul Hai Yasheen head of education department in Jawzjan told, ISIS loyalists after capturing each area in Darzab district, storm and set on fire schools with all equipment such as books, chairs, tables and training tools.

With presence of ISIS group members, education department authorities couldn’t go to the areas to reconstruct and reopen the mentioned schools, Yasheen added.

Meanwhile, deprived students from knowledge asked from government to annihilate ISIS terrorist group in the regions to go to schools again.


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