Arkansas : “People like you (Christians) are the reason we kill” Muslim couple arrested and investigated by FBI for terror threats

Authorities have never shown any interest whatsoever in the phenomenon of conversion to Islam and the question of why so many converts turn to jihad and treason, but the Crawfords are a living illustration of why this lack of interest is dangerously myopic. Look at how often this hate-filled couple has demonstrated why they’re a danger to society:

A husband and wife have been arrested on terroristic threatening charges after Prairie Grove Police say they made threats to a waitress in a local diner.

Police say Daphne Ridenour, who also goes by Daphne Crawford, and her husband Alan Crawford made terroristic threats to a waitress while eating in Mel’s Diner in Prairie Grove.

After the incident in the diner, investigators say the couple continued making threats on multiple social media websites.

According to the police report, on May 24, Alan Crawford was frustrated at Mel’s Diner. Alan Crawford was upset because his order was taking too long and he thought the food was too expensive, according to the report. Alan Crawford reportedly said, “Only a Christian would treat them like that,” because they practice Islam.

Before the Crawford’s left Mel’s Diner, it is reported that Daphne Crawford said,”People like you are the reason we kill.”


Daphne Crawford also threatened a victim on a Facebook post saying her husband would show up with an AK-47. According to the report, Daphne Crawford sent the victim a picture of her husband in “Muslim attire” kneeling with a weapon described as an assault rifle.

The victim of the social media threats says the FBI is also involved in the investigation of the couple.

According to investigators, Daphne Crawford was arrested Thursday at the Value Inn in Fayetteville where she has been staying.

Alan Crawford was arrested Thursday morning in Johnson County and transferred to the Sebastian County jail where he is being held.

A police report says Alan threatened to kill a used car salesman back in March.

The arrests come after a long list of encounters with multiple law enforcement agencies.

According to Sequoyah County Sheriff, in October 2009, Alan Crawford was arrested and booked in Sequoyah County on rape and sodomy charges. Those charges were later dropped.

Six years later, law enforcement became aware that the couple was making radical comments and threats on social media about their conversion to Islam.

In November 2015, when a military serviceman was killed, the Muldrow police and the Sheriff’s Office believed the Crawford’s were a credible threat to the funeral, but did not have any charges against them at the time.

Then in December 2015, the Crawford’s made it known that they had relocated to Fort Smith when they were escorted out of Central Mall for recording mall entrances against mall policy. Fort Smith police say they kept an eye on the Crawford’s, but never had charges against them.

The Crawford’s then moved to Prairie Grove, where police say the Mel’s Diner incident and following threats occurred.

Prairie Grove Police say Daphne Crawford worked at Prairie Grove Health and Rehabilitation.

Daphne Crawford is currently being held at the Washington County Jail for terroristic threatening.

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