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Arrested Palestinian Man HID SIX PHONES in Rectum in Jerusalem so he could hand them to prisoners


Israeli border police have arrested a man who was deliberately trying to get caught so he could disperse six phones to prison inmates – by hiding them in his bottom.

The man, described by Israeli police as an Arab, was trying to scale a security fence surrounding Jerusalem and placed into custody.

But just minutes before he was banged up with the other inmates in the Ofer security prison, a body search revealed he had stored six phones internally, the Jewish Press reported.

Following the discovery, it was found that the man had attempted the same brazen act by the Border Police Nitzan battalion the day before, but was interrogated and sent home.

The suspect was initially spotted by the Border Police Nitzan battalion on Tuesday evening, attempting to scale the security fence near al-Ram.

Because it was a repeat offense, the suspect was again interrogated and then taken to the Ofer security prison where a full body search was conducted – where six phones were then extracted from his intestines.

It transpired the man had deliberately attempted to get arrested so his could distribute the contraband among six prisoners who could then communicate externally.

It comes a day after the Palestinian foreign minister on Tuesday called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) ‘to open an immediate investigation’ into allegations of war crimes and apartheid against the Palestinian people.

Amid rising tensions with Israel, Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Maliki met for an hour with the ICC’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda at the tribunal in The Hague, ‘to refer the situation in Palestine’ to her office.

It was an ‘important and historic step’ for the Palestinian people ‘who have suffered for generations the consequences of crimes committed with impunity by Israeli officials’, he told reporters afterwards.

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