An Australian preacher reads from the Quran and urges Muslims: “If you’re a truck driver, ram their crowds until their streets run with their filthy blood”

AN ISLAMIC State fighter in Syria has appeared in a slick propaganda video calling upon fellow Australians to join the fight with Muslim extremists in the Philippines.

Abu Adam al-Australi – believed to be Melbourne man Mounir Raad – is featured in the second edition of a series entitled Inside the Khilafah, quoting Quranic verses amongst rubble in Raqqa and in front of his assault rifle.

He chanted in Arabic:

“Kill them wherever you find them.”

“Unquestionably, the victory from Allah is near,” Mounir declared in the video released by IS’ propaganda wing, the Al Hayat Media Center.

“To the Muhadeen in Australia … you should go aid your brothers in the fight against the crusader government of the Philippines,” he said, noting Australia’s government has pledged assistance in the fight in besieged Marawi City.

islamic terror

As fighting continues into its third month against IS-inspired Maute Group fighters in the restive Mindanao region of the Philippines, experts have warned of the increasing risk of terror attacks in Southeast Asia.

Mounir also urged Australian Muslims unable to join fighting in Syria and the Philippines to “inflict terror against the kufar [infidels]” and “punish them for their crimes against the Muslims.”

“Make the land of the crusaders [Western countries] your battlefield. They are frontiers of war,” he said.

“If you are a tradesman, use your nailgun. If you’re a truck driver, ram their crowds until their streets run with their filthy blood.”

“Or, pour petrol over their houses while they’re asleep and engulf their houses with flames.”

Australia has been identified as a target by IS militants, particularly because of its involvement in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Authorities say 13 significant terror plots have been foiled since 2014.

islamic terror

Last week, Australian counter-terrorism authorities raided homes in suburbs across Sydney, foiling an alleged bomb plot against an Etihad Airways flight.

Two men have been charged with terror offences after one sent his unsuspecting brother to catch a plane while carrying a homemade bomb disguised as a meat mincer.

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