Bangladesh Clerics Resist Order to Deliver Anti-Terror Sermons, Jamiatul Ulama condemns Islamic foundation’s instruction


Bangladesh: Condemning the initiative taken by the Islamic Foundation to read out common khutba (sermons) during Juma prayers, a group of clerics in Dhaka today termed it “unacceptable”.

“You can monitor the speech delivered from the minbar of a mosque. If anybody delivers inciting speech, detain him. We’ll help you in this regard,” said Yahya Mahmood, vice-president of Bangladesh Jamiatul Ulama’s Dhaka city unit at a press conference at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity.

“But imposing a message in the khutba is unacceptable. You cannot make the imam act like a cuckoo,” he told reporters, responding to a query.

He said that the initiative will fail to create appeal among the country’s imams.

“Nothing should be imposed suddenly, but we (BJU) think the decision should be taken on the basis of opinions from country’s renowned ulemas,” Mahmood added.

Meanwhile, in the spate of recent militant attacks, leaders and activists of the platform on July 29 will hold a demonstration against militancy across the country.

They will chalk out a wide range of programmes to condemn the militant attacks, particularly at Sholakia Eid congregation, Gulshan café and France attacks, said Mahmood.

(The Daily Star)

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