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Bangladesh: Muslims pulled Hindu boy’s pants to confirm religion and stabbed him


Bangladeshi Islamists now reaches a new level of ‘religious’ fanatic madness fetching condemnation throughout the world for ushering in an ‘anti Hindu killing spree’ for, in last three weeks twelve non Muslim Hindu men had been brutally chopped down over their shoulders vide an unofficial ‘ethnic cleansing’ programme started nationwide by them, during this ‘holy’ Muslim month of Ramadan.

A latest addition to this barbarism has been another recent incident where a Biochemistry student was made by Islamists to open his pants and inners forcefully to detect his religion from his non-circumcised penis, only to be brutally stabbed next thrice on his throat, 4/5 times on his stomach severely damaging a kidney, slicing nerves on his wrists and then throwing his body near a high drain, drenched in blood.

“I howled pathetically first, but the more I screamed and cried for help, the more ferociously they were stabbing me. Finally I fell on the dusty road pretending to be dead. The zealots probably felt that I died and fled. It was after a few minutes that holding my last breathe I limped to my elder sister’s house present in the adjacent locality and then they brought me here… ” murmured Mrinmay Majumder in acute pain to team, from his bed at emergency unit of Khulna Medical College & Hospital.

A Pakistani soldier examines whether a man is circumcised or not during Bangladesh's war of independence, 1971
A Pakistani soldier examines whether a man is circumcised or not to check his religion, during Bangladesh’s war of independence, 1971 

Mrinmay, a student of Jehangir Nagar University, was returning home on the occasion of the national festival of ‘Happy Eid/Eid Ul Fitr’ holidays in the predominantly Islamic Country. He got down at Fakirhat Paltita Battalla Bus Stand, from where he boarded an auto engine run van for his home at Putia village.

The assailants charged him here on his way near a place called Kalcolia- where, as Mrinmay stated us, that, they threatened him with sharp weapons and robbed him off his belongings.

The assailants were no petty dacoits but heinous Islamic militants as evident from the fact that post to their loot they held Mrinmoy and asked his name. When he replied with his ‘infidel’ surname- they immediately kicked him and forcefully removed his pants and inners to have a look at his penis- whether circumcised like Muslims or not.

When confirmed as a ‘Kafir’- they started stabbing the 19 yr old like a beast put to sacrifice- hurting him wherever they could.


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