Barbaric: 11-year-old Hindu boy raped, murdered in Pakistan

11-year-old Hindu boy raped, murdered in Pakistan

Karachi: A 11-year-old Hindu boy in Pakistan has been allegedly raped and murdered in Sindh province, triggering protests by people demanding a probe into the recent incident.

The son of a Hindu doctor was found dead in a swimming pool inside a Hyderabad Club on April 13. The family members of the boy claim that he was deliberately thrown into the pool to cover up sexual abuse and murder.

Chetan Kumar, the father of the victim, said that the boy went missing for more than an hour despite tight security inside the club. His son’s body was later found ‘bearing torture marks on his face’ floating in the four-foot-deep swimming pool in the club.

Kumar said that despite repeated requests, the club’s administration was not providing him access to the CCTV footage from the day of the incident. Protesters have demanded the Sindh government to order a probe into the alleged murder of the boy, Dawn reported.

Former Member of National Assembly Kiswan Chand Parwani, former Member Provincial Assembly Lachhman Karmani and others contended that the young boy did not drown but was raped and then thrown into the pool.

Hindu Panchayat activist Karmani alleged that boy was targeted and killed after being raped.

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