Belgium police arrest four suspected ISIS members accused of planning terror attack, found plans for attack


”And we found traces of plans for an attack in Belgium.”

BELGIAN police have arrested four people in connection with a terror attack plot following a series of raids.

Officers searched houses in the city of Antwerp and arrested four people after finding ‘traces’ of a terror attack plot.

State prosecutors said the people were arrested suspicion of belonging to a terrorist group and trying to drum up recruits to fight with Islamist militants in Syria or Libya.

Two were formally arrested while the other two were given a conditional release.
State prosecutors said in a statement: “They are suspected of trying to recruit individuals to travel to conflict zones in Syria or Libya.”

Eric Van der Sypt, a spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutors said: “The four were more involved in the part of recruiting.

“And we found traces of plans for an attack in Belgium.”

Belgium has been on high alert in the wake of the airport suicide bombings

It said no weapons or explosives were found in the house searches and there was no apparent link with the March 22 suicide bombings at the international airport and on the metro in Brussels which killed 31 people.But it said some of the four planned to join the Islamic State militant group and a preliminary investigation showed they may also have been planning attacks in Belgium.
The arrests come days after a metro line was evacuated following a bomb scare.


Eric Van der Sypt said police found ‘traces of plans for an attack in Belgium’

The alarm was raised after a man claiming to be armed warned police and security forces he had left a bomb at a metro station in Charleroi, 30 miles south of Brussels.Stations on line four of the local metro were evacuated after the incident.
Security forces searched the metro line for three hours but no suspicious package was found.


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