Bhopal: ‘Internal Rivalry’ at Mosque Leads to Deadly Screwdriver Stabbing

'Internal Rivalry' at Mosque Leads to Deadly Screwdriver Stabbing…

A 62-year-old Muazzin of a mosque was killed on Thursday near the prayer place under Talaiya police station area in the city, police said.

Nisar Ahmed, attached to Akhade Wali Masjid, was attacked in neck with a sharp object by unidentified persons) when he was standing near the mosque, said Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rajesh Singh Bhadauriya. Muazzin is a Muslim official of a mosque who summons the faithful to prayer from a minaret five times a day.

He said Ahmed was possibly attacked with a knife. “After he was attacked, Ahmed ran towards the mosque, but collapsed in its compound,” said the ASP.

“He died due to excessive bleeding. The wound was not lethal, but bleeding for a long period of time caused his death,” Bhadauriya said quoting a doctor. When asked about the exact number of attackers involved in the incident, the officer said the investigation was on.

Another senior police officer said initial investigation suggested that the killing could be the fallout of an “internal rivalry in the mosque”.

He said Ahmed died due to excessive bleeding, as he failed to get help in time. “Police were informed late about the incident,” he said.

Cops hopeful of cracking murder mystery soon

“We are hopeful of cracking the murder mystery shortly,” Bhopal Inspector General of Police Jaideep Prasad said.

Meanwhile, police personnel have been deployed around the mosque. The broad daylight and daring murder has created panic and anger in the area. Large number of people gathered outside the mosque. Ahmed died inside the mosque. Police recovered Muazzin’s body in a pool of blood from inside the mosque.

According to the information deceased Mohammad Nisar Ahmad had been summoning the people to prayer for the past many years. He lived in the mosque and called people for Namaz through ajans.

On Thursday morning he was standing at the mosque’s gate at about 10.30 am. Just then the attackers arrived and hit him on the neck with a knife. He rushed inside the mosque to inform the imam but collapsed.

On hearing noise, some people rushed out and found Ahmed lying in a pool of blood. Subsequently the police were informed. Koh-e-Fiza police have sent the body for post-mortem examination.

Mohammed Nisar lived alone in the mosque and has no one in the family. He has two brothers. Police are trying to ascertain who the attackers were. Investigations are on.

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