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Bill Maher – If You Can’t Say the Words ‘Islamic Terrorism,’ Democrates Lose the Election


Bill Maher confronted Senator Cory Booker on his use of the phrase “violent extremism” instead of “Islamic extremism,” telling him that could seriously impact his party in the fall.

He pointed out that Democrats are looked on unfavorably for not being more upfront about the threat America faces. Booker acknowledged that it’s a serious threat, but pointed to Christian terrorists. Maher retorted, “Christians are not trying to get a dirty bomb.”

He told Booker that this is a “false equivalenty.” When Booker brought up how people don’t like fearmongering, Maher told him that fear is important to people and “it’s not mongering if there’s an attack.”

Maher implored him, “Just say Islamic terrorism. Just say those words and you’ll win the election. Don’t say those words and you’ll lose the election.”

Watch above, via HBO.

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