Pipe BOMB Explodes Near Disneyland in California

Pipe BOMB Explodes Near Disneyland in California

Just days after the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels, a pipe bomb exploded near Disneyland in California on Easter Sunday.

According to Daily Mail, the bomb exploded around 1:50 pm in an alley near the legendary theme park, and police rushed to the scene after hearing reports of a loud explosion. Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt told the OC Register that the bomb appeared to be made of a metal material and was set on the ground at the base of a light pole against a concrete wall. It exploded against a concrete wall that separated a commercial building from a residential building.

The bomb detonated with such force that “one of the end caps blew a clean hole, almost as if a saw had cut it through a wooden fence about 40 feet south of the pole.”

Though no injuries were reported, homes in the area were evacuated after the explosion.

“It’s serious – especially on Easter Sunday with people gathering,” Wyatt said of the bombing. “It’s very fortunate that there wasn’t someone in the alley that was injured.”

Police do not yet know who planted the bomb, and they are still investigating at this time. This story shows how vulnerable we are to attacks, even in America.


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