Canada: Homosexuality is “evil and Satanic”, Muslim hate preacher at Toronto’s Dundas Square


Dundas Square in Toronto is used by Dawah (propagation of Islam) activists to introduce the message of the “true Islam” to non-believers in an attempt to make them embrace its values and become Muslims.

Some of the books distributed for free by the Dawah activists and obtained by CIJnews contain anti gay rhetoric.

The booklet “24 Hours With The Prophet” includes homosexuality in a list of “Major Sins” such as lying about Allah, offending and abusing Muslims and wife’s bad conduct among others. For further details click here.

Another free book Clear Your Doubts About Islam – 50 Answers to Common Questions, Compiled by Sahih International, maintains that homosexuality is a choice made by people and therefore a punishable crime. The authors liken homosexuality to other unlawful human inclinations such as rape, pedophilia or bestiality. For further details click here.

Few years ago, a Muslim Dawah activist came with a megaphone to Dundas Square to warn homosexuals of the consequences of their “immoral” behaviour.

Explaining that he is just fulfilling his religious duty to enjoy the good and forbid the evil, the Dawah activist called gays “cursed” and homosexuality “immoral”, “evil” and “satanic.” According to him, that is the reason why God punished them with the incurable disease of HIV/AIDS .

He preached to passerby while sitting at a table with a green Islamic flag hung on it that read in Arabic the following: “There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah and Mohammad is His messenger.”

Here are some quotes from his speech

“If you are gay you are cursed, because it is disgusting, because you area man and you are having sex with another man which is the cause of AIDS.”

“You want to be proud to be a gay and this is the cause of AIDS and that is a punishment from God.”

“You’ll see all these homosexuals, they are spitting… because they are dying of AIDS, and the truth is the truth. I’m here to bring the truth… It is the punishment of God. God is punishing them by bringing them AIDS.”

“Homosexuality is wrong and a sin and if you are a homosexual you are cursed. It doesn’t matter if it is your right… you will have to answer your Lord… when you die you will have to answer to God for your evil Satanic actions.”

“The truth is the truth and the truth has to be spread… because the City is days before the Gay Parade, right? and as a Muslim I have to enjoy the good and forbid the evil. I have to do it because I’m committed by Allah as a Muslim to enjoy good and forbid evil.”

“If you go to Church and Wellesley you see these homosexuals spitting, because they are dying of AIDS.”

“People want to defend them. How can you defend something Satanic… how can you defend AIDS? It is immoral… Homosexuality is immoral.”

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