Canadian imams on ISIS hit list for preaching against extremism and steering Muslims ‘away from jihad’


TORONTO — Two Canadian imams are on a hit list released Tuesday by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which accused one them of steering Muslims “away from jihad” and the other of showing remorse for “Canadian soldiers killed by Muslims.”

Both were singled out in the latest edition of the ISIL propaganda magazine Dabiq, which called for their killings along with several other imams in the West on the grounds that they were preaching against the terror group’s message.

Calling them “obligatory targets” according to Islamic law, ISIL urged followers to “make an example of them.” A photo of one of the “apostate” imams was printed, as well as an image of a hand holding a large blood-stained knife.

The 69-page magazine was distributed on Twitter and Telegram, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which said that more than a dozen “imams of kufr (disbelief)” and “politically active apostates” had been named.

It’s unclear why those particular imams were singled out. Both are Muslim converts. One was affiliated with the Canadian Council of Imams, which has regularly denounced ISIL, and on Monday said it would open “de-radicalization clinics” in the Toronto area to serve as hubs for dealing with violent extremism.


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