SPAIN: Danish Teen Girl blinded by six Moroccan Muslim Migrants in racially motivated Hate Crime


A FATHER is appealing for information after his 15 year old daughter was brutally attacked outside an exclusive Marbella disco.

15 year old Nicole Zanlith was waiting for a taxi with a friend outside the Olivia Valere discotheque in the Spanish town of Marbella when an argument broke out at around 7am.

She stepped in to defend her friend when the attackers turned on her, thrusting a bottle in her face and leaving her with six gashes on her forehead and one across her eye.

The six attackers left the scene on foot and the girl’s father, a Danish resident in Marbella, is offering a reward of €2000 for information leading to the arrest of the attackers.

Zanlith, who had been to see French DJ Bob Sinclair at the venue, has been left blind in one eye.

This article in DiarioSur adds the detail that all six of the attackers were of North African origin and that they hit the girl in the face with a bottle of vodka. The video below shows some mobile phone footage of the incident. It also features the girl’s father speaking. He says the attackers were Moroccans.

Violence against European women by Muslim immigrants is exploding at unbelievable rates. It is easy to see why the perps targeted her. She is beautiful and fair-skinned.The news report at least admitted that the attackers were Moroccan immigrants, which is more than most US media outlets would have done. However, the report is still a deflection. Instead of talking about the nature of the crime, they make the story about a Disco serving to underage patrons.

Update: After various days of investigation, police have succeeded in determining the identity of the alleged attacker, who was accompanied by five friends, all of them of North African origin, according to witnesses. However, as yet it has not been possible to apprehend the suspect, who is a minor. The different sources consulted confirmed that a search and arrest order has been issued in connection with the injuries caused to the young girl.

Source: Olivepress


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  • we need to set up Crusader protection groups in every town ,because your government,police and politicians are not going to protect our women or our way of life.40 years of politically correct leftist,liberal b–ls–t is gonna undo 2000 years of christianity unless we stand together aginst this vermin reaching our shores and already within

  • Please don’t stereotype all the muslims like all religions there is good and there is bad but to be honest as a moroccan woman , we are really fed up by the way moroccan men treat us and oppress us that’s why we run away from them and marry men from other countries , they did not hurt this girl because of racism, they do this to their own country women, they think that a woman is inferior to a man so she cannot refuse him, i remember going to a concert in morocco with my two sisters, suddenly i saw my (12 y.o at that time) getting sexually harrased by a crowd of guys so i went to defend her and all i remember is that while all 3 of us were arguing with the leader one of his hidden friends from the crowd injured all of us with a sharp object and they left smirking like say a word if you dare, i was planning to fight more but i remembered some girls got deep scars on their faces..when i was 15 i was in a concert and some random guy decided that i should be his gf so when i declined he snatched a big bunch of hair from my head i still remember it flying with the wind. Whatever you hear is happening in europe it’s 100 times more in morocco’s actually because of the oppressing of the female gender that even small boys ( 7, 10 y.o ) learn how to harass women..when a bunch of them came running towards me an my sister and 3 or 4 stuck their fingers in my ass and ran away..i was speechless i coudln’t curse small kids because they must have learnt it from somewhere..
    I could write a book about the hellish life of women in morocco.As soon as a woman gets out of her house she doesn’t belong to herself anymore, she belongs to all the men outside, they have the right to criticize her hair, makeup, body, clothes..and it can even go to grabbing and if she dares crush their ego they will take revenge sooner or later and believe me if that happens in front of other passerby men nobody comes to help, maybe they don’t want to get into problems or maybe they simply don’t care.
    Please i request all the educated ppl in the world to help us women because you must know how much it hurts if this happens to women close to you..i don’t know maybe help us force the goverment into taking action against these oppressors or atleast .. treat us differently from them if you meet us somewhere…

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