Devout Indian Muslims Sell Wives’ Jewelry to Finance ISIS Terror attack including firearms and toxins


AHMEDABAD: Ubaid Mirza and Kasim Stimberwala — who police say are ISIS operatives — who were arrested from Ankleshwar on October 25, 2017, had sold jewellery belonging to their wives’ to finance the purchase of firearms to attack Jews and foreigners across India, according to the chargesheet filed by the Gujarat anti-terrorist squad (ATS) in an Ankleshwar court.

The chargesheet says they wanted to buy firearms from Ajmer in Rajasthan. “A police station in Hyderabad was also on their hit list,” said a senior ATS official.

The chargesheet says than an ISIS handler had instructed its modules in India to use machetes and large knives to attack people, particularly those of foreign origin.

“The suspects and their handlers had also discussed using a toxic agent, ‘B-18’. They had also allegedly discussed that the toxic agent would cause heart attacks in humans and would dissolve away without a trace within hours and would not be detected in a postmortem,” a senior ATS official said.

The chargesheet states that the accused planned to raise Rs 300 crore for a project to secure the release those who had been jailed for various acts of terror across the country.

ATS officials said Mirza and Stimberwala were allegedly motivating other youths to join ISIS and fight in Iraq and Syria through social media.

“They would listen to and download speeches by Mohammed Ali Mirza and Zakir Nayak. They had also allegedly incited a youth named Zabi Pathan from Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu to go to Iraq through Pakistan,” said an ATS official.

Stimberwala told Zabi that his Facebook friend, Abu Yousuf, an Indian who is now in Pakistan, would help him cross the border.

“Abu Yousuf is Shafi Armar, the chief recruiter for ISIS from India. He is a native of Bhatkal in Karnataka. He is a member of IM and is wanted in several terror-related cases,” an investigator said.

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