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Dubai: Sharia-marriage lasts 15 MINUTES after groom’s new father-in-law refused to wait a few minutes for his daughter’s bride price


A groom divorced his bride just 15 minutes after their Islamic Sharia marriage because he felt ‘insulted’ by her father’s bride price demands.

The man agreed to pay his new father-in-law Dh100,000 (£20,000) for their wedding in Dubai but the older man became impatient to get the cash.

Family members and friends accompanied the couple to a Sharia judge’s office to witness the marriage contract being signed.

The groom handed over Dh50,000 (£10,000) on the spot as agreed, with the rest to come after the party left the court building, according to Gulf News.

However, the father demanded the cash as soon as the signing was over, even though the groom didn’t have it on him.

He said it would only take five minutes to walk to his car, which was parked outside, and get the rest of the bride price.

Instead of letting him retrieve it, he insisted he either pay right then or send a friend or relative to get the money while he stayed inside.

The groom felt ‘insulted and demeaned’ by the series of demands and called off the marriage immediately, a lawyer handling the case said.

‘He told the bride’s father that he did not want his daughter as his wife and divorced her in less than 15 minutes from signing the marriage contract,’ he said.

Divorcing in just 15 minutes seems extreme but it was not the shortest marriage in the emirate’s history and another lasted just seconds.

In that case in 2012, the groom stepped across the corridor into the divorce court because the bride’s father demanded the she be allowed to keep her job.

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