Egyptian ‘Asylum Seeker’ (39 yr) Raped British Girl on Her 18th Birthday, jailed for 14 years


An asylum seeker was jailed for 14 years for raping a young woman on a night out while she was celebrating her 18th birthday.

Mohamed Amin, 39, preyed on the 18-year-old after seeing her drunkenly leave a Cardiff nightclub.

Amin then took the young woman back to his house – where he raped her despite her telling him to stop.

He denied rape saying that sex was consensual but he was found guilty by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court.

He fled to Ireland, but was brought back to face justice. The judge ordered Amin to be deported back to Egypt after being jailed.

The jury heard the teenager was ‘too drunk’ to consent to sex and Amin ‘took advantage’ of her condition.

The victim was visiting Cardiff on a shopping weekend with a friend in January 2015 when they went out for dinner and later to a nightclub.

But Amin approached her when she left the Pryzm club for a cigarette. He pretended to help her look for her lost phone she dropped down a drain – but took her back to his house in a taxi.

She told police: ‘I was telling him to stop but he would not stop.’

Prosecutor Heath Edwards said: ‘It was there, despite her objections, that the defendant had sexual intercourse.

‘She did not consent to the act of sexual penetration and he did not reasonably believe that she consented. He took advantage of her drunk condition.’

The woman phoned police later that night to say she had been raped.

In an impact statement, his victim said she blamed herself for the attack and considered ending her life because she felt ‘dirty and abused’.

He said she developed an eating disorder which she believed would have killed her if it had not been for the support of her family and friends.

‘This will stay with me for life. I do not know when my mind will escape from this trauma, or when I will be able to get a full night’s sleep,’ the statement said.

Ruth Smith, defending, said Amin had no previous convictions and a family in Egypt he had not been able to provide for following his arrest.

Sentencing at Newport Crown Court, Judge Thomas Crowther said he ‘presented a serious risk of causing further significant harm to women’.

He added: ‘You spotted a very distressed young woman and manipulated her into a position where she thought you were an ally or a friend, and having done so you took advantage of her.’

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