EUROPE: Turkey and Brussels ‘secretly’ agreed to migrate 250,000 people into EU every year


By Charlie Peat

A SECRET plan devised by Brussels could see countries in the European Union take on 250,000 migrants from Turkey every single year.

EU bureaucrats have already made a €6billion agreement with Ankara to take one Syrian migrant for every migrant sent to Turkey.

But the latest deal could see migrants flown directly from Turkey to countries in the EU, including Britain.

The mass movement of migrants to Europe in the secret deal is set to kick in during the next few months, officials have claimed.

Gerald Kanus of the European Stability Initiative told German press: “The Turkish side expects the Europeans to begin taking about 250,000 Syrians a year in a few weeks so.”

The report claims the shocking figure is not official but that a verbal agreement has been made between EU officials and the Turkish government.

Mr Kanus said the migrants moving from Turkey to Greece would stop before the deal takes place.

He claimed the EU will redistribute migrants “fairly” after flying them over from Turkey.

The first set of migrants were shipped from Greek Islands to Turkey last week but the move has resulted in violent protests in migrant camps.

The migrant crisis has spiralled out of control across Europe and it was revealed last week that Turkish police are taking bribes of just £8 to allow refugees into Europe.

Syrians, Afghanis and Iraqi nationals all told they paid backhanders to corrupt officers so they can cross the Aegean, despite the controversial deal between Ankara and the European Union.

Mohammed Miresh, who is travelling to Europe with his wife and sons from Syria, said: “There is so much corruption in the police in Turkey. They catch you and you give them money and you can go.”


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