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Female Jihadi terrorists wanted death to meet ‘handsome martyrs’

Female terrorists wanted death to meet 'handsome martyrs'

Two female jihadi terrorists admit they wanted to die so as to unite with handsome male terrorists who were killed while attacking Jews.

During a pre-Passover Likud party event on Wednesday, Security Minister Gilad Erdan address the audience of various Knesset Members and Ministers and pointed out a new phenomenon happening amidst the current wave of terror.

Erdan explained how a campaign of incitement from extremists like the Islamic Movement, Arab leaders in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, are to blame for the recent wave of attacks due to their promises of rewards for martyrdom.

The Minister said he found it unbelievable that anyone could actually believe the incitement lies, “so I went and read the transcripts of the interrogations of some of the terrorists that were caught. It’s just unbelievable.”

He proceeded to explain a special case he came across – two female terrorists admitted that they carried out an attack against Jews because they wanted to die.

The reason the girls sought death was because many handsome male terrorists were killed as martyrs and they wanted to unite with them in the afterlife.

Earlier this week it was revealed that a 54-year-old terrorist chose to be single and consciously did not marry specifically because he wanted to die a terrorist and “marry virgins” in the afterlife.

In Muslim theology “martyrs” are those who die while trying to implement the path of Allah, and they are given immediate atonement for all their sins with the first drop of their blood.

“Martyrs” are likewise freed of the tribulations of the grave, a crown of honor is placed on their heads, and they marry 72 virgins from Paradise known as Hoor al-Ayn. They can bring 70 of their family members along with them into Paradise.

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