France: African Migrant who stole and raped 87-Year-Old, said victim Consented


Rape of an octogenarian in Lyon: a young North African migrant asylum seeker admits it to the police.

In the night of April 22, a resident of the 9th arrondissement of Lyon was raped at home by a burglar.

A despicable act that lasted nearly two hours for the 87-year-old victim, trapped in her own apartment on Pierre Audry Street.

DNA samples found on the spot, the police managed to quickly identify a suspect.

It was an undocumented individual who arrived in Lyon few months earlier and who lived on the street.

The police forces already knew him because he had carried out several burglaries in the agglomeration, sometimes with violence.

The man was spotted Monday afternoon at the Guillotière neighborhood and arrested.

In possession of a ring belonging to the old woman, he could not really deny the facts.

Especially because his DNA matches with DNA found in the victim’s home.

While in custody, the man from the north Africa lied to the investigators, explaining being only 16 years old and that his victim was consenting.

A fake version he could not maintain during the hearings with the victim.

Investigators obtained a complete confession from the rapist.

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