France: ‘War Refugee’ Minors Wreck Asylum Center over Less Free Stuff after dealing drugs


Last week a riot broke out in the French town of Nantes over the decision of the local county to lower the monthly welfare payments to refugees, France Bleu reports.

According to the department, the decision was made after it was discovered that the refugees inside the centre were using the money to buy drugs and resell them. This is a common problem in certain refugee populations.

The riot was so violent that the police had to intervene. There were a lot of damages inside the asylum centre: broken windows, destroyed furniture, and computers. All had been broken by the refugees.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, despite the refugees throwing stones at the police. The refugees are angry because of the decision of the Loire-Atlantique’s county to pay them less money. Prior the decision, it was 300 euros a month prior; it’s now 60 euros a month, in cash, and free daily meals.

Seven young refugees were arrested after the riot and placed into police custody. They will be judged in mid-july. The chief of the welfare department filed a lawsuit against them. He also announced that the security of the place will be enhanced.

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