Germany: Over 26 Percent Of Welfare Support Recipients Are Refugee Immigrants


While native Germans are collecting less welfare, Merkel’s migrant imports are collecting more than ever.

From (via Diveristy Macht Frei):

The increase in the number of immigrants to Germany has also led to an increase in the number of foreign Hartz-IV [long-term welfare] recipients. According to a report in the Bild newspaper, 26% of Hartz-IV recipients were from abroad.

On average, 7.7% of Germans are dependent on Hartz IV, with foreigners it is 18%, the newspaper reported based on figures from the Federal Agency for Work [Bundesagentur für Arbeit] (BA).

At the end of April a total of 1.54 million foreigners received Hartz IV benefits. This is 170,000 or or 12.4% more than the previous year. By contrast, the number of German Hartz recipients fell by almost 240,000 or 5.2% to 4.36 million.

According to the report, most of the foreign recipients came from Turkey, at 295,000. Syrians followed with 242,000 and Poland with 92,000.

Compared to the previous year, the number of Hartz IV recipients grew most strongly among people from Eritrea (229.4%) and Syria (195.1%).

Only 54 migrants out of over 1 million have gotten jobs at any major firms, Breitbartreported last month.

“Fifty of these are employed by the German post office, and the vast majority of top German companies hired none at all. Software giant SAP reported having two migrants working for them, and pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck also said they had hired two.”

If we can just teach the two thirds of these folks who can’t read or write to read and write in their own languages, then teach them German, then teach them computer science and computer programming, then have them invent the next Apple, I’m sure everything will work out just fine and they can finally pay for elderly German’s pensions like Merkel promised.

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