Germany: Over 50% of Turkish immigrants put Islam and Sharia above the law, study reveals


A shocking one in five German-Turks said they would justify violence if it is provoked by the West, as they said Islam is the “only true religion”.

While 47 per cent of Turkish citizens living in Germany admitted following their religion was “more important” than obeying “the laws of the land in which I live”.

32 per cent said they yearn to live in a society of the times of the Prophet Mohammed.

Authors of the study ‘Integration and Religion from the viewpoint of Turkish Germans in Germany’ by the University of Münster, said they “didn’t expect” the results after grilling more than 1,200 immigrants.

Turkey is close to 100 percent Muslim. There are almost 3 million people Turkish immigrants living in Germany, according to the census 2011.

However, the study also revealed that 90 per cent of the Turkish people said they feel comfortable in Germany, while 87 per cent said that they feel closely or very closely connected to the European superstate.

The results also unveiled some surprises, with most of people surveyed showing they had a more positive view of the situation in Germany than many Germans themselves.

Detlev Pollack, spokesman for the Excellence Cluster ‘Religion and Politics at the university, said: “ If you compare Turkish immigrants with East Germans, you see that East Germans feel they’ve been treated more unfairly in reunified German than Turkish immigrants do.”

However some 56 per cent Turkish immigrants agreed with the statement: ‘No matter how hard I try, I am not accepted as part of Germany society.’

The results come amid an increasingly fractious debate over radical Islam in Germany, sparked by Angela Merkel’s open door asylum policy.

This has pushed voters into the embrace of right-wingers like the anti-immigrant AfD party which scored big in regional elections in March and which now threatens Merkel’s CDU conservatives at the general election in the autumn of next year.

Shocking opinion polls delivered a crushing blow to the German Chancellor as it was revealed Merkel’s conservatives lost in two out of three state elections. Germans appear to be punishing her for her accommodative refugee policy.

More than 1.1 million migrants entered Germany last year, with most coming from Middle Eastern and North African countries. But Merkel’s grip on power is growing ever weaker, with rebellion across the country against her controversial immigration policies.

She has consistently berated other EU states for introducing border controls to bring the migrant flow under control, ever since she made a pledge last summer to welcome all Syrians with open arms.

But growing cracks appeared and members of her own movement are beginning to openly question her stance on immigration following the horrific Cologne sex acts, forcing her to back down.


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