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Germany: Angela Merkel is BIGGER threat to Europe than ISIS, claims US political scientist


In a scathing interview Professor Francis Fukuyama says Angela Merkel only cares about approval ratings and has hardly achieved anything for Europe.

Speaking to Die Welt, the Stanford University professor discusses the dangers of extremists to the survival of mankind and says the biggest threat is the rise of populism due to weak European leadership.

He said: “The jihadist ideology only has few followers. Of course it poses a serious threat, but the greatest threat to the survival of our democracy is a different one. It lies in ourselves.”

When questioned on what he meant, Professor Fukuyama said: “The fear driven by loss of confidence of our citizens in our own institutions.

“This way populism, which promises potentially lethal measures, can grow.

“Unfortunately this is the result of a disturbing lack of leadership that currently exists in Europe.”

The 63-year-old was then asked to give an example. He said: “Let’s take Germany. It was supposed to be the country that leads Europe to peace and prosperity.

“Instead Chancellor Angela Merkel only cares about the approval of her own country.

“Her behaviour during the Euro crisis and the disputes with Greece was significant. Now she does the same with the Italian banks.

“The bad part is that this lack of leadership is not compensated for by other European heads of state, not by Francois Hollande, nor by the disastrous Cameron, who has by now resigned.

“These are all low level politicians who really have achieved hardly anything for Europe.”

His comments come as the German Chancellor faces a backlash across Europe, with many blaming her open door refugee policy for a spate of terror attacks in Germany.

Thousands attended an anti-immigration rally in Berlin on Saturday with banners reading ‘Merkel must go’ and ‘The queen of smugglers, Merkel must leave’ seen in the crowds.

More than one million migrants have entered Germany in the past year, with many fleeing war in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

Professor Fukuyama said: “The welcoming policies are admirable. But also very dangerous. They can cause a devastating turmoil within the European Community.

“There are limits in regards to the integration ability of newcomers. And Schengen has gaps everywhere at its external borders.”

The professor, who is known for his book The End of History and the Last Man, also blasted Donald Trump in the interview, branding him “a threat to American democracy”.


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