Germany: Baby’s Beheading Witnessed by Gospel Singer


Justice scandal about the baby beheaded by a Muslim man on Jungfernstieg in the city of Hamburg

Police and public prosecutors in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg do not want the public to know that the one-year-old baby was beheaded. On 14 April, together with his 34-year-old mother, it was murdered by its father, the Niger-born “Lampedusa refugee” Mourtala Madou on the platform of the Jungfernstieg underground station in a “relationship act” (according to police spokesman Timo Zill).

That’s why they are now taking tough action against those who blame them for the fact that, despite shielding and silence cartels, this fact has reached the outside world: a Christian gospel singer from Ghana – who has seen and filmed the crime scene with his own eyes – and a Hamburg blogger who has broadcast the video published by the Ghanaian on Facebook on his own YouTube channel. Both were raided in their homes on Friday morning and personal belongings were confiscated… Shortly after the double murder, a Christian gospel singer from Ghana was on location to film the platform.

In the video he posted on Facebook, you hear a woman crying, you see policemen questioning witnesses, and you see a huge pool of blood, unlike all the press photos taken after the crime scene cleaner was there. At no point does the man film the victims in close-up or show a face. Most of the time he points the camera at the floor or the tracks next to the platform. It is probably the comment he has spoken that has caused the opinion leaders to go crazy:

“O my God. It’s unbelievable. [Oh, my God. It’s incredible] O Jesus, O Jesus. Oh Jesus. They cut off the head of the baby]. O my God. Oh Jesus.”

The Ghanaian is demonstrably an eyewitness – and he talks about what the public prosecutor’s office and the police wanted to conceal. Not only is there no mention of a cut-off head in the police reports, but Attorney General Frombach also does not want to comment on the question posed by the Internet portal “Achse des Guten” on the phone as to whether it is true that the baby was beheaded. She only admits that it has suffered “serious injuries to her neck”.

Now perhaps someone will ask how we know that the eyewitness from Ghana did not exaggerate? From the Hamburg district court itself, which does not inform the public, but describes the course of events in detail in the search order: The “separately persecuted perpetrator” (Mourtala Madou) “almost completely cut the neck of his one-year-old daughter, who was sitting in a buggy, in order to kill and enforce his claims to power and possessions, out of anger at the rejection of the requested joint custody of his daughter the day before and to punish the child’s mother. He suddenly stabbed her in the stomach from behind with a knife pulled from his backpack and then cut her almost completely through the neck.

“The Hamburg public prosecutor’s office must be nuts: If it wants to prevent Madou from becoming known to have beheaded the baby – as the radical Muslim terror group Boko Haram does in his home country Niger – why is she doing something that can only lead to the greatest possible attention being paid to it? She carries out a thoroughly illegitimate house search of an innocent blogger; at the same time, the search warrant states that the child’s neck has been “almost completely severed”.

Now we have what no one should know, in black and white, first-hand, so to speak officially…”The house searches to punish eyewitnesses and bloggers who provide information about an event of overwhelming public interest are a judicial scandal that will probably cause indignation beyond Germany. Further limits have been crossed here.

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