Germany : Muslim migrants attempt to rape young woman in train toilet


There is good news here. Other passengers came to her aid. One was even injured. That is what is required. You cannot rely on sharia-complaint law enforcement or the spineless, gutless quislings in the government. YOU are responsible for your freedom and your safety.

In einem Regionalexpress in Nordrhein-Westfalen hat ein Mann versucht, eine Frau auf der Toilette zu vergewaltigen.
On a regional train a man attempted to rape a woman on the toilet (photo: DPA).

In North Rhine-Westphalia man attempted to rape a woman on the toilet a regional train. Helpers could prevent the deed. One of them was injured.

Attentive witnesses could prevent a woman is raped in the toilet of a regional express train on weekends. The woman and a witness had to be hospitalized, the suspect was arrested by the police.

The police in Dusseldorf announced, examined the woman on Saturday night in a Regional Express, who had just left the Düsseldorf Main Station, the train toilet on. A her unidentified man followed her into the room and attacked her. Against this attack fought back the woman and began to scream.

A 24-year-old man from Solingen rushed the woman to help and was crushed by the suspects when he tried to escape. More witnesses came to help and agreed the police could arrest the attacker, when he wanted to leave at the next stop the train.

With his arrest, the 35-year-old suspects resisted fiercely: He beat and kicked police and damaged the rear window of a vehicle used when he banged his head against it. Opposite the police said the man, he was a year ago in Germany and live in a hotel in Selm (Münsterland). The police checked the information currently still.
Suspect was already in prison

As the police said on Sunday he already served a two-month prison sentence for property offenses. Also during the arrest in the early hours of Sunday, investigators discovered objects in his pockets, which may have been captured by theft. The 35-year-old was brought before a judge nor at the weekend and now sits in custody.

The victim and the 24-year-old helper were taken to a hospital and treated as outpatients. The woman said to have been in shock, both suffered minor injuries. On Monday, the police wanted to hear several witnesses from the Regional Express.


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