Germany : One Killed, Two Injured in MUSLIM Machete Attack in German Town of Reutlingen


A man armed with a machete killed a woman and wounded two other individuals near a krebab shop in the southwestern German town of Reutlingen, reported Sunday.

The attacker was arrested by police. The reasons of the attack are still unclear.

The incident took place near a doner kebab stand at Listplatz square, Germany’s Bild Reports.

The perpetrator has been arrested by police, German media report, citing eye witnesses.

Photos posted on social media show the alleged perpetrator lying on the ground, restrained by police officers.

Police have confirmed that the man was arrested after he had used a machete to kill a woman and injure two more people in Reutlingen.The perpetrator was acting alone, police said, adding that there is no evidence suggesting that he had any accomplices.

Germany has been on high alert following a deadly Friday shooting when an 18-year-old man killed nine in Munich.


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