Germany: Suicide Bomb Attack at German Wine Bar in Ansbach, near Nuremberg


AT LEAST one person has been killed following a suicide bomb attack at a wine bar in Germany.

UPDATE: The suicide bomber who injured 12 people when he blew himself up at a German music festival was a Syrian terrorist who was denied asylum in the country, officials have revealed.

The 27-year-old bomber is said to have detonated the explosive device near a music festival in Ansbach, near Nuremberg.

He is thought to have been turned away from the open-air event filled with 2,500 people, which may have been his intended target.


Police say up to 11 other people were injured in the blast in Ansbach, near Nuremberg, while the city’s mayor Carda Seidel said the inferno was caused by an explosive device.

The horrifying incident occurred at 10.30pm local time at Eugen’s Weinstube in the city’s old town.

It is believed the person killed is the suicide bomber and that the explosive device he was carrying went off accidentally, according to police.

The nearby Ansbach Open Music Festival has been cancelled as a result of the blast.

Unconfirmed reports claim a man with a rucksack was denied entry to the festival shortly before the explosion ripped through the popular night spot, which is just three miles away from a US military base.

A spokesman for the Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann said the explosio was a “deliberate” act rather than an accident.

He said: “At present we assume it is not an accident.”

Heavily armed police are at the scene and officers have cordoned off the area around the wine bar.

A helicopter is currently hovering overhead and rescue workers are on hand to recover any further victims.

Police spokesman Michael Konrad said: “The only thing I know is that there has been an explosion, I can not confirm anything else.”

Initial reports suggested it may have been a gas explosion, but it now appears there was a more sinister motive.

Germany is on high alert following a series of incidents in recent days.

On Sunday, a Syrian refugee hacked a woman to death with a machete and injured two others in Reutlingen.

The 21-year-old man was apparently acting alone and has been arrested, with locals indicating it may have been “a crime of passion”. (LOL)

And on Friday, nine people were killed in a shooting near a shopping centre in Munich, which was carried out by an 18-year-old German and Iranian dual natonal who later turned the gun on himself.

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