Germany: Syrian refugee threw 3 children out of window when his wife demanded same freedom as German women


A SYRIAN asylum seeker who is accused of hurling his three children from window after fighting with his wife when she demanded the “same freedom” as German women will go on on trial on attempted murder charges.

The refugee, 36, is alleged to have snapped in February this year at the centre where he was living with his family.

Police received an emergency call in Lohmar from a man who said he saw the children falling one by one from the first floor window of the asylum seekers’ centre.

When medics reached the scene they found two of the children with serious injuries and they were both helicoptered to a nearby hospital.

A third child, aged one, was returned to his mother after treatment for light injuries after being kept overnight in hospital for observation.

The severely injured – a five-year-old boy and his sister, seven, – suffered severe head and internal trauma.

Police spokesman Stefan Birk said: ”The man offered no resistance during his arrest.”

The accommodation centre was declared a crime scene and cordoned off and the 30 people living in the house – a former Chinese restaurant – moved elsewhere.

The Syrian family lived in a large apartment on the first floor along with other asylum seekers. Several families shared the bathroom a kitchen.

Aid workers have complained in recent months that a lack of space and privacy in the centres across Germany has sparked violent confrontations and even abuse of children and women.

Prosecutors say the suspect in the Lohmar incident admitted to the crime saying it stemmed from his wife who “in Germany no longer wished to accept the roles they had at home, and did not want to put up with everything he wanted any more”.

The suspect was the subject of a court order barring him from seeing her for ten days when the attack happened.

Police said the wife felt sorry for him and let him back into the shelter.

He will also be tried on a separate charge of grievous bodily harm after allegedly smashing a saucepan into her face in a seperate incident.

The accused left Syria alone in 2014, travelling through Turkey, Bulgaria and France before arriving last year in Germany where his family joined him.

He will go on trial in Bonn.

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