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Homophobia: ISIS executes Gay men in Iraq according to Islamic Sharia Law


DUHOK – Extremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) executed a young Iraqi man by throwing him from the top of a building on charges of being gay, activists reported on Friday.

The radical group arrested the man in southern Kirkuk under the pretext that he was a homosexual.

“He was thrown off a roof in front of dozens of people,” a local media activist told ARA News, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Then ISIS militants called on the people to stone the victim although he was already dead. They started to barbarically stone his corpse.”

Also, ISIS released footages of the execution, showing two masked militants throwing the young man off a roof. Other footages showed the victim while being stoned by local people.

“Civilians who live under ISIS suppression are forced to follow any order by the group, otherwise they could get killed,” head of Nineveh media centre Raafat al-Zarari told ARA News. “People sometimes have no choice but showing loyalty to ISIS. It’s a bitter reality in territories held by this terror group.”

The ISIS-linked Sharia Court had issued a decision to execute every gay man by throwing him from the top of a building, according to eyewitnesses.

Over the past three years, the extremist group has executed dozens of allegedly gay men in its areas of control in Syria and Iraq.

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  • Organisations like ISIS , ISI and other groups most active under their domain in different parts of the world do suggest that on the name of religion exclusively, might is being weighed upon and a system that was envisaged to rule, is deliberately being challenged. Question of humanity, moral, ethics, race, rich, poor etc is loosing its significance and such minor groups are aiming to rule over the world using the tool of sex, violence and barbaric acts. But the question is : if they are at the point of no return then what the rest of the world is doing ?

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