Idaho : 3 Child Syrian Refugees Take 5-Year-Old Girl By Knife, Raped her and Urinated on her after


Three young Syrian children living with their refugee families in Idaho spotted a 5-year-old girl playing near their apartments. Grabbing a knife from their home, the boys lead the little girl away to the laundry complex where they used a cellphone to record the stomach-churning events that have shocked the U.S. and prompted mass outrage over the influx of Syrian refugees.

Proving a dangerous bias, the media have remained eerily silent on the horrific events that occurred on June 2. In a shameless bid to protect their leftist agenda, news outlets have given only vague details of the disturbing case, however, an outraged neighbor has come forward with the full story that is sure to put a damper on the federal refugee resettlement program.

KMVT reported on June 7 that a sexual assault occurred near the Fawnbrook Apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho. Only stating that no charges have been filed, according to prosecutor Grant Loebs, the station concludes that allegations are swirling on social media from an eye witness. Although they’ve done well not to give any hint of who the perpetrators are, why they’re being investigated, or who the victim is, a neighbor has broken the silence out of pure indignance over the authorities’ handling of the case.

Two weeks after the incident, a 5-year-old girl, who is underdeveloped due to being born prematurely, was playing in between apartment units just feet away from her family when three neighbor boys put a knife to her throat and forced her into the laundry unit. The boys are ages 13, 10, and 8, and are Syrian refugee children from 2 families resettled in the apartments. What happened next is too sickening for mere words.

The neighbor states that the Syrian boys stripped the girl naked, raped her, and urinated on her body and in her mouth. Although the two younger boys were unable to perform sexually due to their ages, the 13 “coached” the pair while he videoed the sexual assault after his own participation.

The victim’s mother was quickly notified, and she managed to snatch the cellphone from the trio before they fled back home. The girl’s father viewed the horrific footage, witnessing his daughter sexually abused and humiliated by the refugee children.

Of course, the parents of the boys didn’t see any problem with their behavior. In fact, one of the fathers came and high-fived his son and one of the mothers went to the victim’s parents and demanded in broken English, “No police. Everything okay.”

After 2 and a half hours, Twin Falls Police finally arrived but no arrests were made. Even after police were shown the video of the rape, the neighbor says that a “language barrier” prevented officials from doing much of anything, according to Creeping Sharia.

Both families and their boys remain in the apartment complex along with the victim and her family, who say that they just want justice and safety for their daughter. Sadly, they are most likely never going to see either, especially since the city council has intervened.

Syrian children are being taught not only by the Islamic State but by their own parents to perpetuate the same brutality prevalent in their home country — yet the left purports that they are safe and just need acceptance.

Syrian children are being taught not only by the Islamic State but by their own parents to perpetuate the same brutality

prevalent in their home country — yet the left purports that they are safe and just need acceptance.

When outraged citizens demanded answers, the council responded by chastising concerned parents for their “beliefs” that Islam or refugees should even be mentioned in the meeting. The smug board members were more concerned with political correctness than even discussing the rape of a special needs child by the refugees children the left claims are safe and just need acceptance.

Blogspot Treasure Vally Refugee Resettlement Facts confirms that the case has officially been sealed by a judge because the offenders are minors, which means that they will not be tried as adults and we may never know all the details of the crime. Parents have to rely on word of mouth to know they should keep their children away from these Syrian boys because the judicial system isn’t concerned with future violations.

Every time asylum seekers from Muslim countries commit heinous crimes, the left seeks only to defend Islam as the religion of peace. They simply cannot fathom that an ideology that requires so much defense for brutality possibly requires that defense because they are prone to said brutality. Truly, the only reason we have so much debate, news, and concern over just one minor religion out of the dozens that have made a home in the West is only because they are not peaceful.

What happened to this little girl is a harbinger of what’s to come. In every country on earth that allows Muslim migration, they suffer the same Islamic brutality perpetuated in 50+ Sharia law countries. The left is so enamored that they will even condemn Muslims who kill gays as being “un-Islamic” but not the Muslim imams who preach this from the Quran and the Islamic governments that carry out the same executions.

The wave of sexual assault that’s sweeping Europe has made its way to the U.S. just like we warned. The left didn’t listen and now our most innocent citizens are forced to pay the price. But Allah forbid we mention the one ideology they all have in common.


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