Imam: Quran cures AIDS/HIV and Ebola within 24 hours


Apparently some Muslim Clerics are getting tired of the Islamic community only receiving Nobel Peace Prizes, and now the goal seems to be to get into more scientific areas and the medical fields.

And the Quran has the answer to absolutely everything of course. It is therefore completely and totally pointless to use big labs and extremely smart men and women in white coats to find remedies for various illnesses when the book already has the answers, people duh!

Sheikh Imam Rashid, the leader of the Salawatiya Muslim Mission in Ghana has claimed that patients suffering from HIV/AIDS could be cured within twenty-four hours using remedies from the Quran.

The Tamale based cleric made the claims on Sunday while answering a question about Quranic Science and Healing powers on the US based Islamic radio station Qibla FM.

He said the Muslim Holy Book is a remedy to all of the world’s problems.

“Twenty-Four hours is the maximum time to cure HIV/AIDS and Ebola. The Quran has cures to any disease that can come on the earth.”

Sheikh Rashid, who is also the CEO of the Salawat Health Restoration Center, added that he has been abled to power a car with air, all using information from the Quran.

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