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Imminent terrorist attack foiled in Saudi Arabia; two suspects shot dead


RIYADH – Security authorities shot dead two suspected terrorists and foiled an imminent attack in southern Saudi Arabia at dawn Friday, the Interior Ministry announced.

Officers grew suspicious of two vehicles spotted at a location outside the Bisha governorate in Asir Province and monitored their movement, the Saudi Press Agency reported citing the ministry’s security spokesman.

“One of the vehicles was laden with explosives. When the drivers saw that the vehicles were being followed, they started firing at the officers before veering off to a desert area,” he said.

The officers pursued the vehicles under the cover of security helicopters. An exchange of fire ensued and the two vehicles were damaged. “The drivers then got off the vehicles and fortified themselves in a mountainous location before detonating the explosives,” the spokesman said.

He said the officers surrounded the two men and asked them to surrender, but they continued to fire heavily at the security men. The officers returned fire, killing the two men. None of the officers were hurt.

The spokesman said the security authorities were still continuing their search at the location while efforts were under way to identify the two dead men.

A detailed statement will be issued when the results are available, he added.

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