India: Most Brutal Rapist Ameer Ul Islam of Jisha, involved in beastiality with goats and dogs, killed them


Jisha, a young law student from Kerala, India who was brutally attacked (38 injuries), raped and killed.

The five-page report says that she suffered a fatal injury across her chest of 13-cm length that reaches till her liver. The victim was tortured with a sharp weapon pushed inside her private parts which pierced her uterus and eventually her intestines came out.

Ameerul Islam, accused in the Jisha murder case , used to involve in bestiality with goats and had the habit of killing the animals afterwards. The shocking revelations came during the interrogation of the accused. In some of the cases the accused used to mutilate the private parts of the animals he had used.

His sexual perversions had come out when police found a video of the accused having sex with a goat owned by a family in Perumbavoor earlier this year. The act of bestiality recorded on the mobile by another migrant worker later helped the police to identify the accused. The accused mutilated the private parts of the goat also.

According to officials who are part of the investigation, the accused is a strong man with toned body as he was engaged in manual works at construction sites. He also had the habit of watching porn movies in his cell phone during leisure time.

The police believe that the accused had friends who also have similar interests as the video of raping goat was filmed by another migrant worker. They suspect that the act of bestiality was done by taking turns while the second person recorded the same.

After news spread about bestiality traits of the accused, some of the people rearing cows and goats in the locality have reportedly got them examined by veterinarians. Earlier, the goat allegedly used by the accused was taken to a government veterinary hospital in Thrissur for medical examination.



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