India: Businessman decapitated wife, burns body for seeking divorce in Hyderabad


A businessman in Hyderabad murdered his wife, hacked her to pieces and set the dismembered body afire when she sought to leave him for another man.

Rupesh Kumar Mohnani, a stock broker residing in Madhapur, the IT hub of Hyderabad, was enraged when his wife, a South African national, wanted a divorce from him, Hyderabad police said.

Mohnani and Cynthia had met in Congo where she worked as a club dancer. They married in 2008 and moved to Hyderabad.

Cynthia however had met and fallen in love with a Frenchman on Facebook and was planning to marry to him. A marriage application had also been sent online, and Cynthia was to sign the document on Monday.

When she sought a divorce from her husband, a fierce quarrel broke out. Cynthia insisted on leaving, and wished to take their five-year-old daughter with her.

In a fit of rage, Mohnani strangled her to death. To get rid of the body, he cut it into parts and stashed them in a suitcase. He then drove to Madanapalli village near Shamshabad, where he set the suitcase ablaze. The 36-year-old was however caught when locals saw blood stains on the car.

Mohnani’s vehicle had got stuck in mud while returning and passing local youths, who came to help, noticed the blood. Suspicious, they held him down and alerted the police.

Preliminary investigations led the police to the burning suitcase a few yards from where Mohnani was caught, uncovering the gruesome murder.

The body was sent for an autopsy to Gandhi Hospital.

During the interrogation, Mohanani confessed to the crime. He was formally arrested on Tuesday and a case was registered under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

His daughter was sent to his parent’s house.


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  • Men think that divorce and disposal of the wife is their sole right and the women have no rights, especially in marriage. Sadly this is common in many religions and societies as most are male dominated.
    Calling such men ‘animals’ would be an insult to the animal species as only humans can do such vile things and in most cases can get away without being called to justice.

  • The girl was not a south africa citizen, she was a congolese citizen. It has to be rectified. Justice must be rendered

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