India Honour Killing: Muslim Mother Kills 17-year-old daughter in Vijayawada for affair with Hindu Neighbour


New Delhi: In a case of honour killing, a mother killed her 17-year-old daughter in Vijaywada on Tuesday. The accused Bibi Jaan smothered her daughter to death using a pillow while the latter was in her sleep at her residence in Vambay colony.

Bibi jaan was angry with her daughter Sheik Nazma who had an affair with their neighbour Deepak. The issue came to light after Deepak approached the police on Wednesday.

Nazima used to have frequent quarrels with her family over her love affair with Deepak.

“Bibi Jaan and Mysore Jaan were opposed to the relationship of their daughter with Deepak who belongs to another community,” the police said.

Bibi informed her relatives and friends in the morning about her daughter’s death and told them that Nazima died due to severe stomach pain.

Noticing this, Nazima’s boyfriend Deepak got suspicious and informed the police about the whole incident.

The police, who arrested Bibi from a relative’s house on Friday, claimed that she had smothered her daughter with a pillow on Tuesday night after a heated argument. 

“I was right and I just acted as per my conscience. After all, the family honour is more important to us than everyone and everything,” Bibi Jaan, said reportedly without a twinge of remorse, while talking to the media before being taken into police custody.

The police later took Bibi Jaan into custody for questioning and also exhumed the body for post-mortem.

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