India: Mosque Loudspeakers in Kashmir Spread Hate, Incite Violence against India


The public address systems of Mosques have been used time and again to raise anti India slogans in Jammu and Kashmir. Poems eulogizing, slain terrorist, Burhan Wani are also played out on several public address systems of Mosques. Going by the response filed by the Union Government in the Supreme Court, it becomes clear that the Mosques are clearly used in the state of J&K to spew venom and chant anti India slogans.

In the Supreme Court of India, the union government had filed a detailed response to the existing situation in J&K. In its reply filed through solicitor general, Ranjit Kumar, it is stated, ” inimical and anti social elements exploited the news of Wani’s death on the social media to inflame passions. Public address systems of some local Mosques were used to raise pro-freedom slogans and incite the youth to indulge in stone pelting,” the reply also read.

Mosques have become centric to the protest

Apart from making announcements on the public address systems of the Mosques, there are other activities as well which have worried the security forces. Posters come up outside every Mosque every now and then urging the youth to take to violence and keep the Valley on the boil.

Officers say that authorities of those Mosques which permit the use of its address system to spew venom against India will be booked. We have gathered the details of such Mosques and action will be initiated.

To add to the problem some elements paste posters outside the Mosques as well. Recently there were two posters which had been found outside the Mosques. One poster spoke about a huge movement being planned to kill all those who oppose the freedom of Jammu and Kashmir. Another warned the women against riding two wheelers. It said that those women in J&K found riding two wheelers would be burnt.

All this is just propaganda, officials say. The centre has clearly said that from 207 incidents of violence reported on July 9 it had come down to 11 on August 3. The situation is improving, but there are a few persons who want to keep the issue boiling, officers also point out.


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  • close all the mosque .Terrorism and religion have a sour taste .Of course, Islam is not a religion ,but a cult ,started by one crazy egoist leader ,who went on a killing rampage,anyone not submitting to Islam was beheaded and their women were taken as sex slaves.I ask honestly is this a religion or a cult .

    • Just like france closing mosques where anti national were carried out, Indian government may also take sthweps to close such mosques where anti national speeches are made out.

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