India: Muslim Gang caught Behind Trafficking of Women and Young Girls

India Muslim-Gang-caught-Behind-Trafficking-of-Women-and-Young-Girls

HYDERABAD: Was renegade Maoist and notorious gangster Mohammed Nayeemuddin involved in human trafficking. Raids on his dens in the city and Mahbubnagar district indicate he may have been operating a human trafficking racket. Several minor girls, espcially from tribal communities, were found at his properties.

Startling details came to light when police raided the house at Millennium Colony in Shadnagar after the death of Nayeem in an `encounter’ on Monday. They found nine minor girls including a 40 day-old baby and a 17-year-old, apart from Nayeem’s sister Saleema Begum, 55, his wife Haseena Begum, 36, den manager Md Abdul Mathin, 29, and his wife Kaleema Mathin, 30, at the fortified house.

When cops grilled the four women, one of them said the infant was her daughter, but she could not give satisfactory answers to support her claim.

Among the nine minor girls, police found that four were from the Lambada community of Warangal district. “The girls were from Mahboobabad area of Warangal and some of them were brought to Nayeem`s house at a very young age,” a police officer said.

During the preliminary probe, police found out that Nayeem’s mother-in-law Sultana, who was arrested by the Miryalguda I Town police on Monday night, used to procure the girls for the gangster.

“Sultana, who was a mid-wife, had close contacts with people of the Lambada community living in various tandas near Mahboobabad. She used to purchase goodlooking Lambada girls from the poor families and shift them to Nayeem’s dens,” a Shadnagar police official said.

After they arrived at the den of Nayeem, the Lambada girls were given Muslim names and brought up as per the Islamic tradition.”We could identify that the girls were not born Muslims as they could understand and respond in Lambada language and some could even tell their previous names,” the official said.

The scared and brainwashed girls were yet to open up for questioning, but police were hopeful that after a while, they might talk to child psychologists.

Police believe that Nayeem had been selling the tribal girls to human trafficking gangs in Mumbai and the Gulf countries for mind-boggling amounts. Cops also suspect that Nayeem might have been sending the minor girls to rich people visiting the city and certain powerful locals.

Police gave custody of the nine girls, rescued from the Shadnagar den of Nayeem, to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Mahbubnagar.

Sultana also used to send minor girls of poor Muslim families from Miryalguda to Nayeem’s dens. Among the four girls found at Nayeem’s house at Alkapuri Colony of Puppalguda in the city , a 17-year-old girl told Narsingi police that she was brought to Nayeem’s bungalow against her wish. Based on her statement, the Narsingi police have added a kidnapping charge to the case registered at the police station.

When questioned by police, the girls told police that Nayeem used to spend a lot of time with them. Police collected blood samples of Nayeem at the time of postmortem to check if he had HIV as some of his confidants told cops that the gangster was suffering from the disease. However, preliminary tests threw up a negative result.

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