India: Muslim men stripped Hindu woman naked and chopped off her fingers in West Bengal


A 33-year-old woman from Malda district in West Bengal was allegedly stripped after her cow entered her neighbors fields. Two of the finger’s on her left hand were chopped off on Saturday evening as her cow ate grains from a neighboring field. The incident has happened in Munnitola village in Malda district. The woman was admitted to Malda Medical College in a critical condition.

The victim had tied her cow next to a field belonging to her neighbor Harun Sheikh, however the cow somehow managed to enter the field and graze on the crops. The owner who spotted the cow started beating it up along with his associates- Lalu Sheikh, Iftar Sheikh, Ahmed Sheikh, and three other local goons. The cow has also suffered serious injuries.

When the woman saw her animal being beaten up, she intervened and tried to stop them. However, instead the men stripped her naked and hit her. They also chopped off her two fingers with a chopper. Her son, who tried to save was also beaten by the men. The son has also suffered injuries to the head. Hearing their cries, the villagers rushed to their help after which the accused fled the spot.

An FIR has been registered against Harun Sheikh and seven other people at Baisnabnagar police station. Hindustan Times reported that the goons were threatening the family to withdraw the complaint. The husband of the woman was quoted saying, “I can’t imagine people can strip my wife and try to kill her. I have already lodged a written complaint against seven persons with police. I work as a labourer. When the incident happened, I wasn’t in the village.”


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  • Mamta didi only because of you muslims are doing such atrocities on Hindus , you must change your attitude towards hindus as now elections are over,shame on you.

  • Ab woh kutta kejriwal aur gadha gandhi wahan nahi jaayenge kyuki elections over ho gaye..hindu ki ek hi party thi aur rahegi bjp..kam se kam bjp ka attitude kabhi badalta nahi

  • Quran need to be banned from human society at once. Because of some dangerous saying in Quran, the followers of Islam are infected with the disease called hatred and misbehaving, killing and raping another human being and do not feeling guilty. Peace will restore when the truth prevail and believe goes away from our mind.

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