India: ‘Rape between father and daughter is common practice”, says Muslim leader of Samajwadi Party


Samajwaadi Party leader Mohammad Ikbal has given a very brutal and shameless remark. The leader from Uttar Pradesh doesn’t find any shame in saying  that father can have sex/rape with the daughter. Mohammad Ikbal said, “Baap aur beti me to balaatkaar chaltaa he rehta hai.”

But that news didn’t irk anybody. No one is commenting anything against him. We find this statement very irresponsible in two ways:

  1. The statement says it is okay for a father to have sex with his daughter.
  2. The statement says RAPE is okay. When he is okay with the rape of the  daughter then the must be okay with the rape of  other ladies. He simply doesn’t have any problem with  the crime RAPE.

Iran has passed a law that a father can marry with his 13 year old adopted daughter. So, UP is going Iran’s way or going even deeper?

They have approved sex with the daughter but our ministers/leaders from Samajwaadi Party are advocating rape of daughter by father.

How deep will we dig ourselves while living?


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  • Equally enraging is the fact that even those Muslims who themselves lead moral and ‘Sharif’ lives do not get together and refute such obnoxious statements by other members including some religious heads of their community with contrary proof or interpretation. And then, these ‘good’ Muslims blame followers of other faiths for falsely maligning Islam! What Sham!

    • I’m just wondering how many times HE would have raped/had sex with his daughters and other women, too. Well, common sense tells me that if a man can say this and advocate this, then, he’s definitely doing it. What kinda party is this? Incest Party? No one from the party is refuting this. So, I would think they are all abusing their daughters as well. This is sickening and appalling. To do this to a woman a man calls “my child” and who is supposed to protect and keep her safe.

      • He must be Raping his Daughters from their child hood and also there might be so many like him in his religion, and they will be doing more shameless deeds like this in the coming future.they are habituated to do these shame less acts and bold even to say them publicly all Lustrous,Daughter,sister,mother rapists .

      • Well said. Why Islamic is diverging more from the original traching is beyond comorehension. Yet Muslims don’t protest. Like being enslaved and hynotized they follow their leaders, and becomes victims of the false teaching.

      • You are pointing them out rightly.I agree with you. They must be punished very severely for such a dirty opinion and deeds.This man must be mentally ill.

        • Yes also raping Maria Magdalena by jejus, was termed as healing sex by church goers, and it’s being followed to this day by the Vatican and it’s flowers the world over, recently churches in Kerala were branded as confession sex scandal and rape by parish from the harem of nunnery is also dusted under carpet and Catholics all over are ordered to support the parish if the secret is uncovered.

    • How disgusting to hear a muslim leader making statements like this. They are worst than animals. I dont think islam teaches this. Bloody hyprocrit calling oneself a muslim leader. Go to bloody hell u moron.

    • On 7th July,2017 in the Times of India there was news of ‘communal’ violence in West Bengaru but none in Hindustan Times and in Indian Express of shops and bazaars opened and lathi charge.

    • Muslims or non muslims, he is to be arrested immediately. He has insulted all the fathers in this world. Fathers are ready to even give up their lives for their daughters. Scum like him has insulted the institution of fatherhood.

  • What a shameful Islamic religion it is and this is the teaching of the sick Prophet Mohammad where he married his own step daughter who was 6 yrs old? If it is ok for a Muslim father to fuck his daughter, then his son can also fuck his mother who his is wife right. Then his wife will be pregnant with a child who will be the half mother and grandmother, the old fucker will be half father and grandfather and the son will be the half father and brother. Only dogs are like that. This shows how disgraceful Muslim religion is? Will a Muslim man marry a woman who is been fucked by her father and if any Muslim up there agrees post your comment?

    • Your statements are unfounded and baseless. Who is the stepdaughter of the prophet and why do u say he is sick.? Provide your reference from an authentic neutral source not from a biased baseless critics who r all out to malign islam in any way they can

        • Mohammed is a child rapist proven, Jihad proven, sex maniac proven every body knows them why are you saying they are baseless statements.

        • Have the balls. Come in front you bastard. Fucking ass hole. Bloody hypocrite. Go & look at the old temples all across this country. They don’t depict anything but sex.

          • Yes also raping Maria Magdalena by jejus, was termed as healing sex by church goers, and it’s being followed to this day by the Vatican and it’s flowers the world over, recently churches in Kerala were branded as confession sex scandal and rape by parish from the harem of nunnery is also dusted under carpet and Catholics all over are ordered to support the parish if the secret is uncovered.

          • Not like mosques and madrasas where sex and Terrorism are promoted even in Sri Lanka used condoms and IEDs were found. Islam need another 1000 years to be civilized or they may won’t be. Shame on you people who don’t know the father daughter relationship.

        • did he first did to his own daughter then will consider the statement afterwards but incest is objectionable morally and thoughtfully….

      • What difference does it make whether she was his step-daughter or not? You know they’re talking about Aisha, who Mohommed (when he was in his 50s) married when she was SIX YEARS OLD! According to the legend, he did wait til she was NINE to rape her (I say rape because a 9 year old child is not old enough to consent). And this man had many other wives he could have sex with at any time, but this child was his favorite. And you worship this pedophile! And this has created and sustained a whole culture of child sexual abuse and devaluation of women that has still not been over come even In 2016. We may never get past this and it’s so wrong.

      • Well, rather replying on the comments made why don’t you say something about the statement made? Isn’t that out ragging your religion? Isn’t that making you prophet a culprit?

      • Zalnal Rashid, your blindness to the wrongs of your religion is breathtaking, it also gives voice to the people you call baseless critics. Please tell me where I have to go in the world of Islam to meet “a neutral source”, thankyou.

    • Before commenting any thing have a in depth knowledge and then proceed, don’t listen to word of mouth and post bull shit

    • You cannot judge whole muslim community based on what he said!! We respect you religion you should respect ours. And think and search yourself before you end up into such conclusions !

    • Who told u that she was prophet mohammad step daughter
      First u clarify and then say anything about prophet mohammad
      Without any proof dont spread rumor about prophet mohammad understand bro….next time saying about anything first u research n then say wht u want to say

    • Be careful ,some fanatics will be at your doorstep to behead you.When you show the mirror to them they don’t like it.Living in complete denial and causing problem world wide.

    • You can’t be a half mother or father. You can be a half-brother or half-sister when you share only one parent with a sibling. I see what you’re saying though. This is awful, I feel sorry for all the female victims of religion.

    • Dear brother,
      Just for one person statement you can’t blame the religion. If you want to comment. Please read the religion book and comment.
      Gain some more knowledge.

    • Shameful without any research. Brother please go and first read about the Holy Prophet because you will be answerable after this life and will really cry hard

  • What else one can expect from these uneducated goons of socialism whose prime leader defends rapists makes several irresponsible statements on rapes..(panch log ek ladki ka rape kaise kar sakte hai? Ladkon se galti ho jati hai ek galti karta hai ,char vaise hi fansh jate hai-mulayam singh yadav)

  • What the hell are the Moderate muslims doing to stop this nonsence .india should have declared India as aHindu country after winning three wars and during patin.the then leaders did a big crime of trusting the remaining muslims that they will be faithful to India have destroyed India by accepting muslims to remain in India

  • Shame! Such bastards spoil the name of Muslims and are a blot in the name of Muslims! Is this what Islam – the religion of peace teaches them?

    This might happen in his family for he is so forthright and opennin accepting this fact.

    Daughter is generally consider as a Father’s pride and a daughter’s first hero is her father. He is the only one who, she believes, will protect her…. And he does. But such people shame the pious relationship of a father and daughter.

    This is not his views but, I’ll say, are the views of the people who choose him to the office he is occupying.

    Shame on him and the people who choose him to this office. Shame on the leaders of the party he represent….

    And, yes, shame on me that I am tolerating such lech and creep in my country!

    • Very true Sanjay. We should not spoil the name of the whole community. We have had people like APJ Abdul Kalam. And lot of common people we meet everyday are decent, God fearing people. Only some of these ao called leaders talk such nonsense. But yes. Our media also has to take such matters seriously and instead sensationalizing they should educate people to beware of bastards of society.

  • Get lost u bloody idiot… B.c tu bataega islaam.. Ja tu kr apni beti bahu bahan k sath.. Jo real muslim h wo kbhi nhi karega… Tu jaanta kya h be… Saale tujh jese ghtiya logo k wjh se islam pr fingr point hoti… Jinki hum pervi (respect ) krte h unhone Mohammad sahab S.A.W. (ka mafoom irshad). Ne kaha jo apni beti ko khilaay pilaay padaay wo jannat mai mere sbse kareeb hoga.
    Aur tu bataega be…. Sale haramkhor..

  • What Samajwaadi Party leader Mohammad Ikbal told was correct? It is their religion called ISLAM. In Islam all the ladies are sex slaves. Muslims do not have their own conscience. It is not their fault. The founder of Islam religion and the their holy books are their only path.

  • Rape is definitely bad as its forcing others. But be it incest or whatever , nowadays many girls also just have sex with whatever guys they like* they themselves are cheapening themselves and hence virgin and Sex for girls seems more and more minor among most.

  • ashamed to be Indian!! the so called fatwa should be applied to such an iresponsible and maniac leaders instead of those who are educating them!! sadly the political leaders (mostly) are somehow related in concepts/approach. radicals must be extinguish(both hindus n muslims) if we are for the changed

  • Yes in Islam Muhammad can rape 9 year old woman when he was 50+ then sab chal sakta is chutiye ke liye

  • That nasty person should be arrested and punished for insulting indians & spreading fake news through media.

  • Now you tell..! World is enter into most dangerous face of it’s time…! Safety and security of a girl child is No more in a major community…! And rest of the world also turning towards…the evil end…! This is called signs of the end times…in the Bible…! JESUS is on earth as a Stranger….! He will be coming to those who are eagerly waiting for Him…! His name is “God with us- Emmanuel”

  • An animal in disguise. What the hell are the law makers of that state doing? Is incest lawful? Is this what Islam is all about? My goodness……

  • Hope ur dick be cut off. This kind of bastard. U should cut off because useless. Your mom has been people rape it. Mother fucker son of the bitch. You sex with your daughter is can no problem. But you really is a beast. Beast only do like this kind of things. You also is a dog and pig. Q dog fucking his daughter.

  • You have to acknowledge Islam for what it is. It started at a time when most people are ignorant.

    Islam is very akin to triadism or mafiaism. All the dos n don’t are that of secret societies. The god in islam is a matter of convenience.

  • Since the CM, his family, cabinet and the entire party SP indulge the Muslims to get their votes, the religious leaders(?) make any kind of stupid statement with impunity. They have locked up their brains if any and logic in a safe and do not display it.

  • It is absolutely nonsense and un Islami, it is a propaganda to defame Islam and also Iran. No law can over write Shariyat. There is no such law passed in Iran.

  • He may be a Muslim by birth but not a Muslim by practice, so he is not an authority to address Islamic issues. I strictly condemn his statement. Such type of people are the brothers of Terrorist like ISIS Taliban who are defining Islam in their own way. There is a word in Urdu Mahram and Non Mahram. Mahram means a women can sit face to face with another men. Even daughter In law is not allowed to see face to face her Father In Law and elder brothers of her husband also. Non religion permit sexual activites with daughter, how Islam can? However some incident have been reported in past about such activities belongs to other religions so this act must not be viewed on the basis of religion but this is individual crime.

    • True ‪#‎Muslim‬ Game
      ‪#‎Sunni‬: Shia are not true Muslim
      ‪#‎Shia‬: Sunni are not true Muslim.
      Sunni & Shia : ‪#‎Ahmadi‬ are not true Muslim.
      Sunni & Shia: ‪#‎Suffi‬ are not true Muslim.
      Sunni & Shia: ‪#‎Alawite‬ are not true Muslim.
      Sunni: ‪#‎Ismaili‬ are not true Muslim.
      Alawite: Sunni & Shia are not true Muslim.
      ‪#‎Salafist‬ Sunni : Every Muslim should be a terrorist.
      Sunni Jihadi : Shia ‪#‎Jihadi‬ are not true Jihadi.
      Shia Jihadi : Sunni Jihadi is not a true Jihadi.
      ‪#‎ModerateMuslim‬: Jihadis are not true Muslim.
      Jihadis: Moderate Muslim are not true Muslim.
      Conclusion: No Muslim is a true Muslim, and no Muslim represents
      real Islam, and every Muslim thinks himself the true Muslim while the other is not. And finally what the real Islam is or who the real Muslim is? Nobody knows, and it has never been known from the time of ‪#‎Mohammed‬ and the so called “righteous” Muslim Caliphs to this day.
      But when you say something negative about Islam, All kind of “muslims” will tell you how dare you criticize the faith of 1.6 billion Muslim? …
      They suddenly become 1.6 billion Muslim?
      I wonder how many of those 1.6 billion are considered “True Muslim”?
      And believe it or not, to the standard of the 21st centry so called “moderate Muslim”, Mohammed the prophet of Islam himself from his deeds and teachings in the Sahih and the Sirah is not also a true Muslim and don’t represent Islam.

  • Well sounds too unprotected future of our family.
    I suggest nd advice.
    Kill all d jihadis nd terrorist
    Shut down JNU
    Call for war against terrorism
    Wake up modi. Achche din tab aayenge jab har koi kahega. Vande mataram. Chahe woh hindu Ho ya musalman
    Stop criticising
    Itna kisiko Provogue mat kijiye.
    Har koi sikh ke nahi aata religion

    Follow hota hai

    Wats happening in Kashmir. Omg save us from thos ppl

    Wake up government. It’s time to show dem some action. Army r waiting for just one command to show wat powers we hold.

    I regret dat I didn’t joined army. Or else. I wud have killed dos morons who r protesting nd supporting. Vani.

    Modi shud not impose us to hate him

    Hoping for hopes. To c. Achche din.

    Jai hind
    Jai Maharashtra

  • These are few shameless creature who makes any excuses of the religion n finally islam ko badnaam karte hai…..

  • An animal born In human shape…that’s ikbal.shame on u…u don’t have an eligibility to be a human….

  • I will kill that bastard. I wil nullify him. Burn him. Crucify him…. well what’s the different.. he says its ok… I say otherwise. So it’s not religious… becoz his Muslim try not to associate him with Islam. If his Indian.. can we associate him with Hinduism, Christianity, bahaisim, Sikhism.. etc. The issue is a lone ranger… n I’m Damn sure many if not every muslim practitioner agrees with that dick

  • where is the liberal leftist elite on this? drooling? or are they going to use the ‘out of ‘context’ tafsir?

  • Do you love to convert to a fcuking religion who encourages you to fcuk 24/7 all the way to heaven and continue fcuking even in heaven? You are welcome to convert if you want a everlasting fcuking life!

  • It may be a common n normal practice for perverts n savages like him who have the audacity o defile n degrade the most beautiful n sacred relationship between a father n a daughter. ..
    People like him should castrated .plain n questions asked….Disgust is a very mild term to decribe how i feel right now.

  • He is just moron… Having no brain and ethics… He himself has not a bit of idea about what he is saying… Nd now I wonder how many times he has raped his daughters…. He should be hanged for applying such remarks…..

  • These people will do anything to have sex. Their everything starts and ends with sex. What a shame.

    • Mohammed married his own Daughter-inlaw and made her one amongst his many Wives. What’s the big difference in marrying ur own Daughter-inlaw and Daughter – by birth ?. Like Prophet Life Followers – ISLAM IS A EVIL SICK RELIGION.

  • This swine must be kicked out from the society immediately otherwise continue to do harm to our society.

  • I think India is the safest country as far as Father-daughter relation is concerned. It could be this guy was raping his daughter. Allah help this pervert. Let him advise any Indian muslim to do this, he will be killed.

  • Does Nabi Mohammed taught such a lesson, I think that none of the religion say such only lusty people says so to fulfil there lust and after reading such a news I too am hating such a religion. Shame shame Islam.

  • We should abstain ourselves from any derogatory remarks against other religion. Statement of one person can never be a preaching of a particular religion. Any hateful remarks will only result in hate, disrespect, revenge and ill feelings between us.

  • Just let ’em be. They will try everything to brake us to make us loose our calm, we don’t have to just hope and work for the better future. ye log appne aap he mar jayenge kuch time baad. Daddi dekho kuch 4-5 saal he hai iske paas

  • His comment is outrageous. But equally outrageous is your creative art to depict rape. Why be so graphical to sell your story?

  • And I thought that Islam was teaching that sex outside marriage was forbidden? It just goes to prove that they interpret the so called word of God in the Quran; as they please! and that the words in the Quran are not immutable! Just call yourself an Imam and do as you please.

  • Why your news are only about muslims ???? And you take only negative things about Muslims , in every religion there are some good people and some bad people you show appreciate good and codemn bad equally not by religion but by deed

  • Cure is simple. Outlaw Islam. Raze all mosques.. burn all korans. Deport/jail all mullahs/imams. Then and only then, peace shall reign, and not before!!!

  • BULLSHIT!!!!! Among all the bullshit fake news to promote Islamophibia , this is perhaps the most BUSLLSHIT of them all!!! Incest is among the GRANDEST sins in Islam and as a matter of fact those commit it are supposed to be punished by stoning! …I lived for 25 years in a Muslim majority country (Iran) and 18 years in a Christian majority country( Canada), and I dare say incest is WAYYYYYY FAR MORE COMMON in Canada than in Iran.

  • Stop spreading fake news and haterate…watch crime patrol and other reality shows…wer u can see other religion cases compare to muslim..stop spreading this news

  • Why the hell police is not taking any action on him. We are listening to him like he is a celebrity. Take a quick action on him and present an example to the society.

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