Indian Army barges into Mosque in Kashmir for playing anti-India Slogans and Songs on Loudspeakers


On Friday morning, some youths at Arhama Manigam used the public address system of their local mosque to play freedom songs and slogans which irritated Commanding Officer of 5 Rashtriya Riffles.

According to local sources, Army men cordoned off the mosque and entered in. “Soldiers entered the mosque, ransacked loudspeakers system, broke window panes and dragged us out”, a youth said.

A local youth said, the Indian Army men lost their patience and beat up the youth to pulp before some village elders came out to rescue us.

At least 40 people suffered injuries– among which a mother-son duo and fourteen others have been shifted to SK Institute of Medical Sciences in critical condition– after an Indian army unit ‘barged into a mosque and beat up people’ in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.

The men and women deserved the ruthless thrashing by the Indian Army for living on Indian soil and using a Mosque as a propaganda tool for shouting Freedom slogans.

At least 40 people including a 60-year-old woman Mukhte Begum along with her young son Riyaz sustained injuries. Most of the injured were treated at Public Health Centre in Manigam while the woman, Mukhte, along with fourteen others were termed critical and referred to SK Institute of Medical Sciences in the disputed region’s summer capital.

Meanwhile, Army’s Commanding Officer reached the health centre in Manigam and threatened medicos and para team not to attend the injured.

People were saved from the wrath of the Army only after the intervention of police.

In the other parts of the district, violent protests broke out after Friday prayers in which an SHO along with seven police cops and 5 CRPF men were injured. In Kujar Fatehpora, youths in large number fought stone battles with police and clashes at Saloora, Gangerhama, Khann Harran, Giraj, and Beehama resulted in the injuries to many.

People in large numbers at Tulamull took out a peaceful procession and shouted slogans favouring freedom of Kashmir.

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