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Iranian Women Now Are Not Allowed to Leave the Country Without Husband’s Permission


NCRI – The head of Iranian regime’s Women Society Basij (popular mobilization) opposed women leaving the country without their husband’s permission and said: “Authorizing women to leave the country without their husband’s permission is against the Islamic Sharia law.”

According to state-run Fars news agency, affiliated to IRGC, Minoo Aslani, head of the Mobilization of Women’s Society (Women’s Basij organization), referring to the issue of permit to woman and girls to leave the country without permission of their husband or legal male guardian which is currently on the agenda of the parliament said: “The removal of any of these rules will weaken the foundation of the families.”

“Allowing women to leave the country without the permission of the spouse is against one of the laws of our country, taken from the sacred religion and necessary to consolidate the foundations of life,” she continued.

She considers promoting the feminist teachings would destabilize families.

The head of women’s Basij organization called on the speaker of parliament to show sensitivity to the Sharia principles, so that society does not distance itself from religious principles.

Regarding removal of the laws on the departure of girls from the country, Aslani claimed: “Many examples of the departure of young girls without father’s permission show that this is causing a lot of damage.”

The so-called Mobilization (Basij) of the Women’s Society is one of the 22 sub-groups of the so-called Basij Mostazafin organization. Initially, the organization was called the “Basij Sisters” and started to form upon the formation of the Basij. This paramilitary and security organization is involved in suppression of Iranian women and girls.

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