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Iraq: Seven ISIS terrorists BOILED ALIVE as punishment for fleeing the battlefield


ISIS executed seven of its own fighters by boiling them alive as punishment for fleeing an Iraqi battlefield.

The terrorists ran away from a conflict in Sharqat in the Salahuddin province and were killed by order of Islamic State on Monday.

Last month, ISIS executed 19 of its hapless soldiers who fled battles against security forces in al-Shuhada and al-Nassaf in Central Fallujah, an unnamed informant in the Western city of Fallujah told the American Herald Tribune.

Before being thrown into a giant cauldron of boiling water, the seven ISIS absconders had their hands and feet bound tightly making absolutely sure of no escape

The source said: ‘This came after the issuance of death sentence against them by ISIL court.’

This time, instead of boiling water, the convicts were subjected to a firing squad and died from bullets through the head.

It is not the first time ISIS have used boiling water.

In a Mail Online exclusive, a Yazidi teenager, who was just 17 when she talked last year, revealed how every day of her nine-month ordeal was ‘like choosing between death and death’ as she was faced with beatings and sexual assaults by the ISIS militant and his team of ‘bodyguards’.

The teenager told how she was gang-raped, whipped and even scalded on the thigh with boiling hot water if she didn’t keep with her ISIS rapist’s depraved sexual demands.

The teenager was kidnapped last August, after ISIS fighters overran the town of Shingal, also known as Sinjar, in an onslaught which sent thousands of Yazidis who had been living on the Nineveh Plain running for the mountains to escape the extremists.

The teenager was handcuffed and held in a hotel by gun-toting ISIS fighters, with a number of other scantily dressed women and young girls in Mosul, Iraq.

She was then moved to Islamic State’s adopted capital of Raqqa, Syria, where she was sold to a man calling himself Al-Russiyah, who also bought her 10-year-old sister and another child within the space of 10 minutes.

Each morning, Al-Russiyah would strip the girls naked, then smell them and decide who he wanted to have sex with that day, she said.

After the he had made his choice, his bodyguards would select one of the remaining girls for themselves.

But the bodyguards were so rough with her that the teenager felt relief at being picked by her captor, who would ‘beat her less than the other men’.

It was hopeless to resist, but on one occasion she did, and one of Al-Russiyah’s men poured boiling water on her leg.

‘They forced me to say things from the Koran during the time they did their actions, and if I didn’t they whipped me,’ she said.

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