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Iraq to Prosecute People Who Fail to Fast During Ramadan in Public


Baghdad (IraqiNews) Iraqi authorities will prosecute people violating the Muslim daytime fasting rituals.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement on Thursday it was “taking legal measures against people publicly breaking their fast (during day time) and refer them to the judiciary”.

The Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan began in Iraq and most Muslim countries on May 17th. The ritual involves abstaining from eating, drinking and sexual relationship from dawn till sunset throughout the month’s 29-30 days. Fasting is mandatory for adults but Islamic sharia makes exceptions for ailing persons, elders who cannot endure it and women who are either pregnant or going through their monthly period.

The ministry added it emphasized on closing alcoholics stores and restaurants during fasting times, with exceptions made for restaurants at factories, student hostels and tourist-class restaurants on highways.

The closures will cover coffee shops, and it is also “not allowed to run artistic shows or any activities that do not correspond to the sanctity of the holy month”, according to the statement.

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