ISIS Islamists Release Another Poster of ‘Trump Beheading’


A chilling propaganda piece by Islamic State (ISIS) depicts the imminent beheading of President Donald Trump.

The poster shows Trump kneeling in an orange jumpsuit while an IS figure stands over him with a large knife.

New York City can be seen burning in the background.

“Be patient America, war is not over yet and you have not won,” the poster says.

“By the permission of Allah you will be defeated, just wait for it. Our swords are not broken, our arms are not tired, our passion did not fade away and we did not feel bored or weak!,” it reads.

The poster has been circulating on messaging app Telegram by pro-IS media and contains a number of grammatical errors, the Daily Mail reported.

Another poster published two weeks ago had a similar image but with the city of Seattle as a backdrop.

The propaganda comes in the wake of huge losses for ISIS – the Pentagon has reported they’ve lost 98 percent of the land they once held after suffering heavy defeats in Syria and Iraq.

Experts say the group is very clearly trying to portray an image of power with threats being made of attacks on the Football World Cup and the Vatican.


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