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ISIS terrorists are selling children as sex slaves online and on facebook


11-year-old Yazidi girl, beautiful, hardworking, and a virgin. The bidding opens at $9,000.

This is how an ad from the terrorist group IS starts on the internet to make money on kidnapped children, writes CNN.

The text above is from an advertisement for a 11-year-old girl from the Yazidi minority from northern Iraq.

In a documentary made by Arwa Damon, a former successful businessman tells how he began working to save Yazidis who are in IS-captivity, because he thinks the international community is not doing enough.

The man, named Abdullah Shrem, claims that he and his aides have rescued 240 of the thousands of Yazidi girls who are sold or are to be sold as sex slaves by IS.

– Those times when I save someone it gives me strength and faith to continue until I have the opportunity to save everyone, he says in the documentary.

Shrem says he has spent almost all his savings on the work.

He has had about 50 of his family members from the Sinjar Province in Iraq abducted by the terrorist group.

Shrem is critical of Europe’s commitment to fight against IS.

– If it were 50 Europeans who were raped by IS every day, would Europe been silent? Of course not. Operations would have been initiated, and they’d do anything to save them.

– But when 5000 Yazidis are raped and children are trained and made into living bombs, nobody does anything. We are abandoned.

Recently it also became known that ISIS has started using Facebook as an arena to sell captured girls: Read more


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