Islamic Sacred Month, Ramadan Marked by Bombings in Thailand


A series of violent attacks, mostly bombings, were launched in three southern border provinces Sunday evening, the fourth day of the Ramadan fasting month. Initial reports suggested several people were injured.

The coordinated attacks occurred at 7pm, immediately after the evening prayers that mark the end of the daily fasting mandated during the holy month of Ramadan, which began Thursday.

In Yala province, four bombs exploded in four districts. One of them went off at an ATM of Krungthai Bank at Bannangda intersection in tambon Kabang of Kabang district at about 6.50pm. The bomb was placed in a rubbish bin beside the ATM. No one was hurt.

In Banang Sata district, a bomb was detonated at a power pole on Highway 410 in Ban Palobata village of tambon Talign Chan at 7.30pm. No one was injured. The pole was damaged.

In Than To district, a bomb exploded in a car park behind a security base in tambon Than To at 7.15pm. Grenades were fired at a security base in Moo 1 village.

In Raman district, an electricity pole was bombed at 7.30pm on Yala-Raman Road in Ban Pongyuereh of tambon Kayubokoh. No one was injured. The pole was damaged.

In Narathiwat province, a time bomb exploded at a Government Savings Bank ATM in front of the municipal office of tambon Marue Botok in Rangae district.

Another bomb went off at an Islamic Bank ATM in front of a gold shop on Phetkasem Highway in tambon Ton Sai of Bacho district.

At about 7.50pm gunmen fired at a base of paramilitary rangers in the compound of the Provincial Waterworks Authority in Bacho district. That started a gunfight but no one was injured. Security authorities shut power supply in the area as a defensive measure.

Sources said bombers at some locations had dressed like women and hidden their faces with crash helmets. Bombs exploded 5-10 minutes after they had left the locations.

In Pattani province, bombs exploded at ATMs belonging to Kasikorn Bank, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Krungthai Bank, Government Savings Bank and Islamic Bank in Panare, Muang, Sai Buri and Nong Chik districts.

A paramilitary ranger and two women were injured in Muang and Panare districts.

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