Jihadis executed a woman for not covering her face


These Brave MUSLIM JIHADI terrorists execute a tied up woman on street as per Sharia Law… BECAUSE HER FACE WAS NOT COVERED.

This is ISLAM when it has control over land, law and lives.

Sharia law must be banned everywhere….



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  • Pompous pigs of the Levant! Oh excuse me swine swill of the swamp.
    Sorry Brenda you where to kind to them, but in the end your right.
    Pigs with guns rooting around like someone going gore their swill.
    I find it strange that he shot her in the head sneaky like just in case
    he makes a mistake and she comes after him. You know I’m familiar
    with this means as when you shoot a pig in the head as he did you
    don’t want to make a mistake because all you do is piss them off and the
    fight is on. End of Story. We call them chicken shit in my area.

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