Kerala: ‘Convert To Islam Or Your Hand Will Be Chopped Off’, threats issued to Renowned Malayalam author K.P. Ramanunni


Renowned Malayalam author K.P. Ramanunni has lodged a complaint with the police over threats of physical assault received through anonymous letter. The award-winning author is believed to have been targeted over some of his articles on a local newspaper over rising communal tension in the State.

The letter, received by the author six days ago, threatens to chop his “right hand with which he wrote the article” and his left leg if he didn’t convert to Islam within six months.

The author said, “The note says that ideally you should be killed, but we will chop off the right hand with which you wrote the article and cut your right leg… we are giving you six months. This is a sign that extremists who cannot digest such write-ups exist…”

He elaborated, “I got the note 4-5 days ago. I initially thought of ignoring the threat. But the note was of a serious nature…. written by somebody who is well-educated and not by some brainless person.”

The letter also threatened the author that he would face the same fate as professor TJ Joseph. “Like TJ Joseph, your right arm will be cut off…your left leg too. You are given six months to convert to Islam. If you do not embrace Islam, we will inflict Allah’s punishment on you,” it said.

In 2010, Prof. T.J. Joseph’s hand was chopped off by a radical Islamist group over alleged blasphemy.

Chief Minister reacts: ‘will not tolerate threats’

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan took to Facebook to strongly condemn the incident, saying,”we will not tolerate deaths threats and declaration of attacks against people who take progressive or independent stands on social media. Such complaints will be taken up strongly.”

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